Morbid North is a Finnish creative agency and apparel brand founded in 2019.

Our focus is the alternative clothing and accessories together with our creative agency.



Morbid North Apparel is mostly focused on alternative clothing, accessories and every time when we have a chance, we want to do good in form of charities.

We also support green values and animal rights. Which are why we try to choose the most ecological products from our supplier. Most of our products are also printed-on-demand to zero out all waist products. Every shirt that is are printed should be done for someone to wear it, not just to store it in warehouse so it could later be thrown into carbage.

For each sold product in our shop we gift 0.20 € for our chosen charity. For the year 2019 our chosen charity is The Finnish Association For Nature Conservation
Our whole mythology is mostly based on our forests and lakes. For most people in Finland. Nature is still a huge part of our daily lives and to keep it that way we need to protect it.

We sell only known high quality products so your clothing would last longer. We want our products to survive as long as possible on you! The returned items are always sent to charity or sold in charity events.

Print-on-demand method may affect our shipping time, but we always aim to keep it as fast as possible.


Morbid North - Creative Agency here to help you with creative and marketing needs. We can offer a variety of services ranging from illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, web design or even marketing for smaller companies. At the moment all of our creative works are created by one in-house creative and range of freelancers who are experts on their own fields.

If you have need for custom printed items, direct your eyes to our custom catalog. All products we sell in our store are also available to you as custom printed. No matter if you need just one shirt with your own design or if you need a hundred shirts from your sports team or company.

We can also provide you a secure page where you can order your crew, team, brand etc. shirt or other items anytime needed. Custom printed items have shipping times between only 1 - 2 weeks.

If you have any questions or need for our services, don’t hesitate to contact us: contact@morbidnorth.com



Our goal is to keep all of our products and logistics ECO-Friendly as much as possible. Social & environmental responsibility have never been up for debate. All of our products are also printed on-demand to zero out all waist products.

All of our products are also 100% Sweatshop Free! Honest work always deserves a fair wage.