Morbid North is a Finnish creative agency and apparel brand founded in 2019. Our apparel focus is on the street and alternative clothing and accessories which goes together with our creative agency focus on bands and their needs.


Morbid North Apparel is mostly focused on street and alternative clothing and accessories and every time when we have a chance, we want to do good like supporting Pride movement by giving most of our profits on all Pride themes products to SETA – LGBTI Rights in Finland.

We also support green values and animal rights. Which are why we try to choose the most ecological products from our supplier. Most of our products are also printed-on-demand so we don’t need to produce clothing in vain just to let them sit in a warehouse somewhere and we want to produce them as few as possible. The returned item is always sent to charity and we try not to just throw anything in the trash. Print-on-demand method does affect our shipping time, but we do hope our customers either understands the reasoning for it or supports the same values.


Morbid North - Creative Agency here to help bands with their creative and marketing needs. We can offer a variety of services ranging from album illustration and design all the way to the physical album being made. Band merch design and supply. Homepage with media add-ons and newsletter plug-in with easy to use Squarespace platform.

At the moment Morbid North is mostly run by a single person, but the aim is to grow larger and give new creative career opportunities right here in the Heavy Metal capital of the world.