Thoughts after week 1...


Morbid North wasn't supposed to be an apparel store. It was supposed to be a creative agency focused on band merch, album illustration, and marketing. Because that is what I’ve been doing for the last 7-8 years now. I worked over 4 months in planning how to offer my services and how to price them and then just couple weeks ago I had an idea of “what if I’d make and apparel store instead” and so it happened. I started making my webstore and started making designs fast so I could make some selection and not just a couple t-shirts. I also hunted down some public domain and stock art which looked cool and used them to create even more designs.

Then I thought why not actually offer this webstore for other artists like me as well. I know there are sites like Society6, RedBubble, Spreadshirt, Threadless and many others, but the main issue I have with all of them is quality control and branding. I used to use all of them before and I always thought their print quality was very poor to average depending on the product and the company. I still love how they make it possible for an artist to sell their own designs, but those sites are flooded artists which makes it hard to actually get noticed.

So from now on, I will be open for other artists who want their design to be sold here, but I’m going to check through every portfolio sent to us and choose just one or two at the time whos works fit for my brand. This way these new artists get noticed better because their own target audience will be on this site and there won’t be thousands of other competing of customers attention. Sound cool huh? Sure if my mail will get flooded of links to everyone portfolio, then I can’t just pick all of them, but I do promise to check out all of them and at least give some notes on how to evolve from where you are now. Maybe I can’t use your works right now, but with the right direction, your works might suit perfectly for what we do.

If you want your design to be sold in our store, hit me your kickass portfolio to my email: and I’ll check it out!

The first week of business was pretty quiet and we got the only handful of orders, but that was to be expected. I didn’t really put a huge investment in advertising yet because I want to try out what is working and what still needs some work. This also resulted in a lot of changes in our site while the promotion was still going on. After the opening sale on our first week is now finally over. I finally started to work on the creative agency side of this business. Because I’ve been doing album designs, merch and other stuff for bands, I thought why not keep doing what I do best. On top of the regular stuff, we also offer a merch store service.

I thought this could be cool because I’ve heard it a bunch of times how bands would love to have their own merch, but it’s just way too expensive to invest in screen printed shirts, patches and other products because all the money goes in their instruments, traveling and overall living. I already have a store page up and running, way to offer print-on-demand product and give a unique band merch page on my site. So I have everything needed and in-case if bands already have some merch, I also have a warehousing partner and a way to supply already made merch together with print-on-demand product worldwide. So I hope bands dig it and can work together.

You might have noticed that I’ve used the word “we” instead of “I” a lot. That is because even though I’m the single owner of Morbid North at the moment, I like to think that I’m with our partners, our designer and with our lovely fans together The Morbid North.

Hope to hear your thoughts on our site, on our services or maybe a just some terrible jokes. Comment below!


Sincerely yours,

Riku Forsman
Founder / Overlord
Morbid North