Website in a week 900€

Have you considered making new websites? Need simple, beautiful, user-friendly and brand-looking pages - without forgetting mobile optimization? But have you postponed the making of the pages because you do not know who the pages would do or how to compete for different factors to get comparable bids? Have you wondered what platform should be chosen as a webpage platform and how long does it take to make pages?

I have an answer to all your questions! I take exception, in October-November handful of website projects and we will do them for you ready in one week and then they answered: I have made a living marketing and website projects for over 10 years and I can honestly say that the € 650 price and simple beautiful and functional sites are a good deal. But that you don't have to pay for cluttered, time-bound and functional pages any more. Pages are made on Squarespace. If you do not need its more wonderful customizations on the page, ie a completely unique technical solution and you want your pages to be easy to update and do not need any coding skills, then Squarespace is definitely the best choice for a web site platform. Creating websites can sometimes stretch and ruin indefinitely, but if you think about the content once and you have some branding material, we make the pages extremely effective a week - keeping you involved in the development stages of course. Read below for more details and sign up with the form (no commitment yet) or ask for more information.


  • Website on Squarespace

  • 1-5 pages + blog / current section

  • Content feed

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Social media interfaces (+ if you want Instagram feed lifting) if you have accounts

  • Favicon

  • Instructions how to update your site


  • Text content for the site

  • Image content for the site

  • Domain (i.e. or, if it is not yet, we can help to obtain it


  • Website Design & Production 900 € + VAT

  • In addition to the one-off payment for web design and production, the following ongoing costs will be borne by third parties who directly manage them:

    • Domain payment (usually about 20-100 € / year)

    • Squarespace Monthly fee 11-15 € / month depending on the payment cycle you choose


  • Why Squarespace Platform? Read more HERE.

  • You don't need to publish the site right away, but you can keep it behind the password / coming soon page as long as you want and you can edit the content before you publish. However, the Squarespace monthly fee will start running as soon as production starts.

  • The project starts with a start-up call and is done remotely (ie you don't have to be physically at a specific location)

If you have a need for something more complex, just tell us what you need and we make an competitive offer for you.

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